Is baseball haunted?

Ghosts, curses, legends and eerie events… Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon certainly had plenty of material to work with when they sat down to write this book about baseball’s supernatural side. Ghosts of former Yankee players are said to still be helping the team when the Yanks are on their home turf (does that explain the 26 World Series titles?). Former Red Sox player and current Yankee, Johnny Damon describes an encounter with a ghost that pinned him down and left Damon unable to move for twenty minutes at his home in Florida (no date is mentioned in the book, but could this encounter have happened when some ghostly Sox fan or player became distraught at Damon’s defection to the Yanks?). The current owner of old time player Sam Rice’s former residence believes the pitcher still haunts Rice Manor. And right here at home, there are plenty of stories of hauntings at Fenway. Cleaning crew members report hearing the crack of bats when it’s dark out and the park is deserted. Red Sox employees also describe hearing ghost fans cheering from the Green Monster seats after hours. There are even some who believe that the ghosts of Fenway have been known to use the bathrooms! For baseball’s more superstitious fans, Haunted Baseball is a must read.


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